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Olive Green Silk Parka: Zara | Palm Tree Top: Mango | Shorts: One Teaspoon | Belt: Moschino | Bag: Alexander Wang | Shoes: So Fab! | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Ruckus+


The weather’s been pretty awful lately with the never-ending rain showers and the gloomy skies. I only hope that most of us are tucked safely in our own homes, warm and dry. Of course, it doesn’t account for the rest whose houses are flooded and whose passages are blocked. So for those of us lucky enough to be secure and comfortable, continue to watch the news from time to time to get updates, and pray for those who are affected.

Hopefully, in the years to come, the government will be able to fix and streamline our country’s sewage system.

Speaking of the government, I’m sure a lot of you are aware about the political state of our country, especially in regards to the pork barrel. If you follow me over at Twitter and Facebook, you’d be privy of my rants about it. I’m at a loss for words honestly–a bit disheartened, but mostly mad. I think there isn’t much that we can do as individuals but I think we can make a difference by speaking up and keeping up-to-date with the news.

Sometimes, I feel shallow for having to post my “outfit-of-the-day” in the midst of all our country’s problems. I don’t mean to sound hypocritical and I’m definitely not being pretentious but maybe it’s about time we give a little bit more than the usual two cents when it comes to our country’s state of affairs.

Anyway, here’s my outfit a week ago during a similarly gloomy day. With all the rain and the lack of sunshine, I think it’s only appropriate to go for muted tones like the olives and the blacks. This was also the outfit that was featured in style bible’s blogger challenge. Here are some more photos:









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  • My day is complete! <3

  • Sara

    Love this new look. It’s edgy without trying too hard. Love!

  • Marinara

    Flawless skin and amazing gams. Like how experimental your looks are lately!

  • Kat

    I really love your hair! 🙂

    Anyway, Domz, is it just me or there’s something wrong with the photos of your earlier posts? I’ve been trying to get outfit ideas but there are no photos on display. 🙁

  • Even a pair of distressed shorts look so elegant on you! 🙂 Btw Ms. Domz, where do you usually get your lashes done?

  • Kaya

    Wow. The top and the cardi matches perfectly. 🙂 Although, your photos seems a bit too bright? Or is it just me? Think it needs a little adjusting with the ISO or something. 🙂 Awesome look, still! Oh, and your ‘About Me’ pic reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Lovely! Have a great day, Dominique!

  • Haha thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks Sara! 🙂

  • Thank you! I try!

  • Hi Kat! Depends on which post you’re looking at. Anything before 2011 is pretty problematic. Haha!

  • Aww, thank you Eunice. That’s such a compliment. Also! I have them done in Lash Bar, Il Terrazo.

  • I think it is a bit too bright! Yes, I should learn to manipulate my camera! Haha. Also, thank you so much. <3

  • K

    Domz, a silent reader here and your second to the last photo makes you look like your younger sister. and i really didn’t have to squint so hard to see the similarities. hehehe

  • K

    Domz, a silent reader here. Your second to the last photo makes you look like your younger sister and i really didn’t have to squint so hard to see the similarities. hehehe

  • When na tayo funshoot, domz.. hehe 🙂

  • Haha let’s see. 🙂

  • Haha aww, yeah, we do somehow look alike-ish! I mean, seriously there are similarities. 🙂

  • Ok thank you.. 🙂 #ExcitedMuch

  • mj

    Ms. Domz, I’m so jelly! I’m a total fan of the shorts + heels tandem but walking in them is so tricky! Any tips you can share in walking in heels? 🙂 Also, is that So Fab pumps comfy? I’m on a lookout for a good pair of pumps kasi and what you’re wearing exactly fits the bill 🙂

  • Hi Mj! Aww, thank you! Actually, I get what you mean! I love my flats so much, I prefer them especially when my day is filled with errands and activity. As for walking in heels, make sure firstly that your heels fit you properly–don’t get a size too big or a size too small. Break in new ones first (you can check online for ways to prematurely break them). Them have the right posture, and it’s as simple as that. As for myself, personally, I Make sure that the shoes I buy have comfortable leather/fabric… plus, I also get platforms and buy those jelly pads you can attach at the back of your heels.

    As for the So Fab! pumps, yes, they’re super comfortable! The high-platform front doesn’t strain my arch, and the suede is soft that it doesn’t leave marks on my skin. 🙂

  • mj

    thanks so much for the helpful tips Ms. Domz! 🙂 I think this is my 2nd time posting a comment here and you answered so eloquently to both queries. Like the commenter below, I’m more of a silent reader but believe me, I religiously visit your blog, always looking forward to new entries!

    Last question! personally, what is your take on Celine shoes (yung local brand)? I like their designs pero every time I try something out, parang ang tigas tigas nya so I always hesitate but the fact that I see so many patronizing the brand saves me from writing it off completely. But they don’t really feel nice whenever I try them on 🙁

    Have you any experience with them?

  • Yes! Celine is the sister company of So Fab! 🙂 I know the owners personally as well. I even did buying trips in China for the brand. I do get your dilemma! It’s why I’m not so fond of buying synthetic leather–they tend to be tougher so you really should take time to break them in.

    If you want leather shoes at a reasonable price, try out CMG. All else, I really recommend suede or fabric bodied shoes so it won’t be painful. 🙂

  • yanyan

    Hi Domz, Been reading your stuff since 2bu days. Frankly, I careless about your ootd. I am not really interested with fashion at all! Dont get me wrong, I still love dressing up from time to time, but what really keeps me coming back to your site is your eloquent, lucid, flavorful writing style. I tried looking for that ingredients with other famous bloggers but to no avail. Please continue writing good articles. 🙂

    PS. Can you recommend some good books to read? Many thanks, Dominique!

  • Hi Yanyan! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thankful that you like my writing style–I feel like I tend to drone on and on and on about so many things that sometimes, I don’t think I make sense.

    As for books, here are some of my recommendations from another asker as well, a few posts back:

    My top favorite is: Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera.

    In no order… other books that I also enjoyed…
    1. Any John Green Book – Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns
    2. David Levithan books – Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist, Everyday, The Lover’s Dictionary, Boy Meets Boy…
    3. Atlas Shrugs and Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
    4. Lord of the Flies by Sir William Golding
    5. Why we Broke Up by Daniel Handler
    6. Harry Potter (I was an absolute fan) by JK Rowling
    7. Any Haruki Murakami Books… Kafka on The Shore, Norwegian Wood, Sputnik Sweetheart, IQ48
    8. Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Importance of Being Earnest
    9. Anything from Chuck Palanhuik… Fight Club, Snuff

    Plus… some of the books I like that I didn’t include in my partial list…
    10. Orlando by Virginia Woolf
    11. Anything by HG Wells
    12. Stephen King (surprisingly, yes)
    13. I used to love Austen’s books but for some odd reason, I can’t re-read them. It gets me bored. Initially though, I thought she was great.
    14. Anything by David Sedaris

  • mj

    Oh okay! that’s good to know 🙂 At least I know now na it’s okay to buy from them (I actually tried googling it, someone might’ve posted a rant or something haha) Thanks so much Ms. Domz! You’re truly a delight!

  • snauw

    We have the same favorite authors esp. Ayn Rand and Haruki Murakami! O.o Btw Domz, can you advice how to work out in order to make your legs slimmer?^^

  • Haha! Wow! Great minds think alike! Also… for slimmer legs, I do squats and dead lifts, plus cardio. As of late though, I’ve been doing a lot of plyo workout. 🙂