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Blanc Noir and the Old Hollywood Glam



Chandelier Earrings: Forever 21 | Bodycon Dress: H&M | Cape: Romwe | Cuff: Ruckus Accessories | Shoulder Bag: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier | Shoes: So Fab!

Yves Saint Laurent (the founder of my favorite luxury brand ever) once said, “We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.

People who dress well or are simply enamored and immersed in fashion, are often thought of as classists. I guess there’s just something intimidating about a woman (or a man), who takes pride in the image she (or he) projects. As I’ve mentioned numerous times already, how one presents herself is a direct reflection of the respect she harbors for the people she is about to meet.

Recently, I’ve been told by my best friend that people who don’t know me often surmise that I’m high strung and elitist. “No offense,” she added for measure.

None taken, of course!

To be honest, I’m pretty much used to being thought of as “intimidating” and “scary” (so much so that the insight no longer proves to be unusual). I was, after all, the girl who trotted around her college campus in five-inch heels so I’m not exactly alien to backlash. On hindsight, I think it’s not just because I’m always dressed to the nines; if anything, I think it’s because I don’t socialize too much in public situations too.


I guess I’m just guarded and introverted that way. My personality’s very reserved I guess and I’m just not outwardly nice. I don’t like to establish small chit-chats for formality’s sake, I don’t like pretending to be comfortable around someone I just met (or I don’t like), and I would never want to greet or compliment someone especially if we don’t know each other that well (or don’t have a friendly relationship, for that matter).

That is who I am, that’s howI keep things real, and I’m unapologetic for it. 

I’m not ma-“showbiz”, as some people may call it.


So when my good friend’s girlfriend (one of my good friends also) told me that she never would have pegged me to be so “nice” and “down-to-earth” in person, I was beyond touched. She said I had this certain charm that was clearly my own, one that was no-nonsense and was sincere all the same, and that she was honored to be my friend.

It made me smile. I guess I’m not as bad as I thought I was. A little bit aloof maybe, yes, but not horrible. I mean, I’m not nice and I might never be nice in this lifetime, but I don’t choose my friends based on the merits I gain from the relationship. I don’t view people as a commodity and I don’t act upon things for the sole purpose of gaining leverage. 

I act according to how I feel and how I want, so as long as I don’t push anyone down intentionally.

If you’re my friend, it’s because I think we connect on a cosmic plane–intellectually, physically, and emotionally. It matters little to me if you’re famous or if you’re well-off; at the end of the day, it’s how we can relate with each other.

In retrospect, I don’t also instigate fights–I don’t like being stressed, and in the rare occasions that I do fight back, it’s only because I’ve been provoked and my friends and the people I care for are being scorned and taken advantage of.


I’m not saying all this  for all of you to evoke a higher opinion of me. In fact, by all means, do and think as you must, I’ve long realized that I cannot control people’s thoughts or actions. I’m just saying that if by any chance, you come across me and I don’t look all that welcoming, don’t take any offense–it’s not you, it’s most definitely me.

But rest assured, if you strike a conversation with me, I will always be polite and I will give you the most sincere answers to your questions.


So anyway, this was the outfit that I wore to the matinee showing of the Phantom of the Opera at CCP. I took inspiration from the French Victorian era with the elegant floral print , my chandelier earrings, and the lace details on my architectural shoe–the same time period and location the play (and book, mind you) was set in.

Likewise, you know how in historical films, the men and women would arrive to watch a play in capes and trench coats? I took that into consideration too when I came up with this outfit.

Anyway, here are some more photos:


Wearing Guerlain shade “Habit Rouge 123”





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  • Vaning

    Well said! *applause* How was Phantom? Is it a local production?

  • Nice outfit! 😀

  • Australian cast, I think! It was beautiful! Got teary-eyed towards the end!

  • I get what you mean!!! I’m socially awkward too but it doesn’t mean I don’t like people! Haha!

  • Thank you!!!

  • “I’m just not outwardly nice. I don’t like to establish small chit-chats for formality’s sake, I don’t like pretending to be comfortable around someone I just met” I love this! I’m a lot like this. When I asked one of my closest friends about his first impression of me, he said: “snobbish” and “bitchy.” Haha! I guess it’s because I always have a poker face on when left alone (which is most of the time).

    Also, the print of your dress reminds me of beautiful Damask wallpapers. 🙂

  • Yes! Damask wallpapers are it! I’ve been thinking of that term too. Likewise, yeah, it’s the curse of the poker face! I think what’s even sadder for me is that it’s not that I have a poker face when I’m left alone, it’s that I’m always deep in thought over the stupidest things (my schedule, my nails, my outfit for the next day) and I’ve this tendency to frown when I’m thinking so they think I’m not approachable! Haha!

  • Another insightful entry, I admit one of the reasons why I was so afraid to approach you during BU3 was because of this but I know I’m wrong, I should have just approached you anyway, I kept pulling my friend’s arm to keep myself from squealing when I saw you haha! hopefully, there’s still a next time though 🙂 quotable line: ‘how one presents herself is a direct reflection of the respect she harbors for the people she is about to meet’ you’ve said this line so many times that I posted it in a cork board vision board I have in my room, to remind me every time I dress up in the morning 🙂

  • Aww, that’s so sweet!!! I’m so kilig you posted it on your cork board!!! 🙂

  • when did you watch the Phantom? if you watched yesterday, then it’s too bad i didn’t see you! we watched matinee yesterday. too many people, though! i don’t think i would have spotted you, regardless! and it was an adventure yesterday because it was raining so much! we tried passing Buendia and had to turn back because it was flooding and we brought a small car! my parents were freaking out in the car, lol. good thing we (siblings) were able to calm them down and stop them from tearing each other apart and convince them we should eat dinner first. wait for the flood to subside and the traffic to go away. it worked because we got home by around 9pm. 😛

  • Marie

    “How one presents herself is a direct reflection of the respect she harbors for the people she is about to meet.” Exactly. Back during casual days in school, I always make an effort to look polished, prim and proper; which happens to annoy some of the ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed-thinking-we-look-better-than-Kate-Moss’ hipsters. They laugh at my oxford shirt, jeans, and oxfords combo saying that I could blend in with our professors aged eons. Take note that a year later when making job resumes for the same health care company, we cited the same professors as references. Fast forward to another year later, guess who got the job? I did. Why? My professor told the hiring agent that she’s never seen me disheveled. Ever. Not even once. Which just goes to show that how you dress is a reflection of what you are as a person, that it pays the highest respect for everyone as it does for yourself.

  • I agree, there’s nothing wrong in dressing up! one must always be ready for any fashion moment 🙂 I will post a picture of it next time to show you, I have a vision board where it has pics of places I want to go to, goals etc and that’s where I included your quotable line 🙂

  • I watched it three weeks ago! Haha! This is sort of a late post. Oh my! I heard there was a flood in Buendia!!! 😮 It’s a good thing you were able to get past it safe! What an adventure indeed!

  • Oh wow, real-life application! I’ve a few but it’s limited to compliments and bagging a few deals but nothing as victorious as yours. Also, I respect you for taking a stand, despite your classmates’ various jabs at your prim and proper attire–if there’s anything I can’t fathom, it’s when people break apart under intense peer pressure. Lastly, I loved this: “Which just goes to show that how you dress is a reflection of what you are as a person, that it pays the highest respect for everyone as it does for yourself”–this is such an astute insight.

  • I shall wait for that!!!

  • Funny thing is, I’ve been on internet hiatus since last week because of exams and as soon as I got the chance to check out blogs, yours was definitely the first one I read. Not see, or browsed quickly but ACTUALLY READ. I am still amazed how you put those words magically! I think it’s the reserved and genuine personality that makes you the most beautiful intimidating woman ever that I’d like to be intimidated of. Haha. That sounds weird. Anyway, bottomline is: You are a true learned person. And I’m so proud that I am a reader of this blog, like you are a part of who I am and who I want to be 🙂

  • I am beyond touched that you took the time to read the contents of my blog. I’m also insanely kilig that you liken my writing as a part of who you are and who you want to be. Thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart. <3

  • Same here! I spend a lot of time just thinking, over both stupid and serious things. I don’t think my brain ever gets rest with all the thinking I do. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, after all, mental exercise is the only exercise I get! 🙂

  • Trisha

    First of all, I find this outfit incredibly stunning. Nothing really beats the elegant simplicity of black and white. Also, how do you maintain a sense of balance with those shoes? I’ve always been curious about this since I never really wear heels past three inches (I feel really gigantic in heels so I’ve eradicated the need, my head has a really weird thought process). I can’t imagine campus life paired with 5-inch heels, by the way. Sorry for rambling, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to organizing my thoughts. I digress, I think that it is absolutely brave of you to present your true self to everybody. It’s hard being candid and open and vulnerable to people that you probably never even met or ever will meet. I mean, it’s hard enough to do it for people you do know. For this, you have further gained my admiration. Lastly, I am perplexed as to what you mean by connecting with people on a physical aspect? (Excuse me, if I do tend to write quite formally. I am an English major after all.) Much love from Vancouver:*

  • Thank you! Actually the shoes are very sturdy! Even if they’re practically heel-less, they hold up quite well, feels like a wedge actually. Likewise, yes, I advise against wearing 5-inch heels on campus! I’ve accumulated blisters from the lapse of judgment. Lastly, I guess connecting in a physical aspect, as in wanting to spend time physically together!

  • guest

    i LOVE your dress. too bad we don’t have H&M over here. totally unrelated, but you should do a make-up tutorial sometime. 🙂

  • Yes! Exactly! I can’t do small talk for small talks sake! Also agreed, lace is just classy.

  • Haha I don’t really have a special makeup regimen so it never occurred to me to make one but I think I’ll take that into consideration!