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Poster Child for the “Cool” Weather


Earrings: Im.G | Printed Blazer: Boyfriend’s Gift from Hong Kong | Black Chiffon Top: Zara Basic | Cut-off Mid-waist Denim Shorts: Topshop Moto | Every-handy Black Suede Pumps: Forever 21 | Gold Clutch: YSL | Wooden Bangle with Orange Detail: Promod

I was never really a big fan of the rainy season, truth be told. I mean, sure, if it weren’t for the said season, then this fashionable procrastinator wouldn’t be able to experience the ever-so-rare phenomenon called “free cuts” during her University years, and in effect, wouldn’t be able to cram in some valuable study-time for one of her multiple long tests/midterms/finals, (most of which) she neglected to study weeks prior (but managed to ace anyway).

But let’s face it, I’m a very petty person (I was going to say meticulous but I’m trying to do this thing where I don’t try to conceal my negative aspects and I don’t deceive my readers into thinking I’m nice and sweet and bubbly) and I don’t like getting my clothes damp–I’m very susceptible to the cold (when I am in an extremely cold country, the lines on my palms get sore and mutate into bloody welts–I have to apply a steroid cream prior my arrival to the country until days after) and I don’t like clingy fabric on my skin. Plus, I hate those tiny mud splatters caking portions of my calves.

Growing up in bucolic Cebu, storms and rain showers were pretty scarce. As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, Cebu is a perpetually sunny city and almost everyone (save for the oldies) are in beach garb all-year-round. So when I started studying in Manila, I had to accustom myself with the weather and started stocking up on trousers (which, by the way, I am allergic to, literally), sweaters, coats, boots, and other comfortably warm pieces (more than the usual trenches and parkas I acquired from my out-of-country travels).

In fact, there was a phase where all I would wear were oversized knitted sweaters in my attempt to emulate the Japanese mori-girl trend.

Thankfully, I am way past that stage–yes, I still love my occasional oversized knitted sweaters (I am wearing one right know as I type) but I’m at a point in my life where I try to balance the edgy and the trendy with the structured and the classic. This outfit is a perfect example of my “fashion-balance” resolution attempt.

A few weeks ago, I recall telling my boyfriend that as much as possible, I didn’t want to look too informal and inappropriate next to him (or anyone important for that matter, like his parents, or my clients, or my grandparents). How you dress is a reflection of your respect to the person you’re meeting or you’re out with, that’s what I think. I mean, it’s okay to experiment–be edgy, be trendy, look however you want, but there’s always a right place and a right time to go Lady Gaga (ie: the confines of your bedroom or a fashion-oriented event).

As a personal principle, I always make it a point to look well-put-together and clean (without overshadowing my flair for fashion). My goal is to simply avoid looking busy or unkempt–I like classic and semi-feminine pieces infused with a little bit of quirk. I guess I’m pretty vanilla in that sense (explains why I cannot fathom drastic hair decisions and wearing cycling shorts underneath denim shorts, it’s honestly so tacky and kitsch!–for special guests, who don’t know the meaning of the aforementioned word: kitsch, click on the link!).

So this was how I looked when I met up with my best friend for a dinner and movie date in Rockwell yesterday. My best friend has a tendency to text me and tell me not to come over-dressed so I switched the skirt I was donning to this denim mid-waist pair. And because I was already in heels the whole day from work, I was contemplating on switching to slippers (my feet were killing me), but eventually decided not to because I didn’t want to give off the air that I was too complacent and didn’t respect her enough to actually dress nice, so I decided to brave it out and ignore my chaffing toes.

Here are some more photos of the outfit:

I am extremely in love with this blazer–granted, it was given to me by my boyfriend (along with an excessive loot filled to the brink with love and thoughtfulness) from his previous trip to Hong Kong (3 months ago, I think, when we weren’t really together yet), but it looks surprisingly amazing on me (plus it fits me so well and flatters my body type).

I’m honestly very wary with playful prints–I like to downplay my outfits as much as possible and the only prints I’ve a tolerance for would be florals. I’ve always had this notion that I’d look ridiculous in bold prints, precisely because “edgy” was never my thing. But this blazer changed my outlook. I am in love with how versatile this piece is–if I wanted to pair it up with trousers, I could go to a board meeting and not look out of place, and if I wanted to keep it casual, I could pair it up with denim shorts, and go around the mall without looking over-dressed.

So now, I’ve opened myself up to a lot of prints–aztecs, animals, digital, paint splatters, so on and forth.

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  • Caraisabela

    The blazer is really nice! Perfect for the cool weather we’ve been experiencing here in the country lately. Noticed that your fringe is on a different side as well. Looking good as always, Domz!

  • You look so classy all the time! 😉 

  • Trisha

    You’re so lucky to have a style-oriented boyfriend, that blazer is just divine, specially with the orange-hued accessories. I agree, finding the balance between fashionable and appropriate is hard. I don’t think you have a problem with it though. Stay pretty and awesome and human (since you said you have idiosyncrasies). Much love from Vancouver:)

  • Anje F

    How are you literally allergic to pants? :O haha. And what did you mean about the cycling shorts under denim shorts? I always, without fail, wear cycling shorts under my skirt, to prevent unwanted peek-a-boos and Marilyn Monroe moments haha

  • Haha! You’re one of the very few who has taken notice! My hair wasn’t cooperating that day so I decided to switch fringes. It kind of looks odd!!!

  • Aww, thank you Ashley!!! <3 Classy from the outside in, is the goal!

  • Thank you Trisha! Yes, I count myself lucky all the time because being stylish isn’t his only strong suit. Likewise, I don’t think I’ll ever be inhuman! Haha! In spite of my flaws! <3 

  • Haha! My lower limbs are very sensitive and susceptible to a lot of allergens–dust, detergent, twill, cotton, so on and forth! Haha! So I can literally only wear skirts and shorts (the occasional trousers but not for more than 10 hours). 

    Also! I don’t know, it’s been a trend previously (by tacky people) to wear above the knee cycling shorts underneath extremely micro mini denim shorts. I don’t get it either. I wear spanx all the time under my skirt in nude, but never randomly colored cyclings under denim shorts–there’s no logic to it. 

  • Marie

    I love  your skin! Tell us, your ever so loyal readers, how do you keep your skin ever so glowing? 😀

  • Haha! Aww! Really? I don’t really do anything much! I scrub twice a week? Haha and drink lots of water! Plus, I use Benefit’s Pore-fessional as a makeup base (ever since I’ve started using it, people have been telling me my face is smooth)! 🙂 

  • I love your blazer, I love how it’s printed and tailored so it still shows curves, I personally don’t like pants too not that I am allergic but because I feel more restricted. I have a question though, I’ve been wanting to purchase a rain boots/boots for that matter that is printed, floral specifically, do you think it’s wise/reasonable to buy one and will it be versatile? I’m scared to splurge on something I am unsure of. Any tips on on buying/shopping in general? like, when to splurge or when to save when buying something?:) 

    Sorry if I have too many questions 🙂

  • Tess Lee

    i love your accessories from the shoes to the bag. Question, where do you buy your designer bags? I love your YSL clutch 🙂

  • Go to Neiman Marcus, Bluefly, or Bergdorf Goodman. Mostly, out of the country–I don’t buy bags here, the price difference is crazy!

  • Are these Plueys? Haha! Well, the problem I have with florals in general or printed shoes for that matter is, they’re really hard to pair. I think, if you have the extra cash to spare and if you think you’re going to wear it out often then go for it.  

    I have an old article I wrote about shopping: http://www.konichiwear.com/2011/06/28/shopaholic-guide-shopping-donts/
    I think I will write about shopping tips soon! 🙂  

  • Yes those Plueys are so tempting that’s why and since it has been raining so hard lately, I’m really tempted to buy haha! I also want those Floral Doc Martens but I’m not sure if it’s flattering for a girl to wear, I am scared I won’t be able to pull it off haha! Thanks for the article, it made me think and I’ll really take all those tips to the heart because I need to be strong in avoiding unnecessary shopping trips. Sales are really very tempting and bazaars are also here and there all the time, crazy!

    Anyway, Thanks again for being so patient!:)

  • No worries! I like Doc Marten’s but I don’t think I can ever wear the floral types. It’s too trendy and Doc Marten’s aren’t exactly cheap. Pluey’s too! I don’t know, I guess I’m very anal that if I have to spend, I make sure I’m getting my money’s worth–like if the material is leather, if the makeshift is sturdy, so on and forth! 🙂 

  • Awww! Kuya Enzo (kuya? haha) really likes you before you get together. :”””) That’s so cute! The blazer looks perfect on you. <3 And your hair looks different here. 🙂

  • Haha! I was rushing so I didn’t have time to dry my hair also! Haha! Also, yeah, I think he did!!! 😉 

  • i have a question! you’re wearing suede pumps here.. can you get suede wet? (i am obviously a dodo about these things) i always thought you shouldn’t get suede things wet but what do i know? i don’t own anything suede!

  • Annalise Lao

    I really like the printed jacket to pull the look together.  I would love to wear suede shoes out on rainy weather but as my pairs of suede shoes come in bright vibrant colors that will easily suffer the damnation of mud splatters, they are sadly reserved for sunny days.


  • Michave12

    Did Enzo really graduate with latin honors? He’s claiming that he did. Does this mean that the registrar office is lying? 

  • Thanks again! I can’t believe how lucky you’re readers are that you take time to answer them talaga 😀 I can’t wait for your shopping tips post 😀

  • CharlotteK_93

    love the blazer 🙂


  • Bernadette Sunga

     The list  is inaccurate– do you need a scanned copy of his medals and diploma? how about transcript of records? I am his mom and I have it.

    Graduate high school first. The only diploma you have is from Grade School. Should we reveal your CGPA from AC why you were NOT allowed to graduate?

  • You can’t get suede wet!!! Haha, they’re very susceptible to dirt and dust. I love suede, they feel like butter on my skin! Haha!

  • It is amazing!!! 

  • Yes! Please reserve them for sunny and dry days especially if your suede is light-colored. They’re very susceptible to dirt and dust! 

  • Anonymous

    Joanna is claiming that she graduated Summa Cum Laude and in the record, it only says Cum Laude. What’s the real deal? Is the list still inaccurate? 

  • Perhaps you should look closely at her diploma: http://instagram.com/p/N3zdd-ucd7/ 

    What record do you speak of? Having a copy of the legit diploma with the seal is inarguable. This is why, if you are a graduate of a certain school, you should have a diploma at hand. 

  • I have a copy of my diploma- would you like my transcript of records as well? Stop investigating and snooping around my life or my family’s life- the documents are here- signed, sealed and official. I did not attend my ceremony but my title remains as mailed to me by the university. So maybe you should stop badgering us with your nonsense. Just because you dont have a diplomat doesnt give you the right to defame people. If I were you, I’d go back to school and finish my studies, perhaps be the first woman in my immediate family who’s attained a college degree at the very least from a legit and accredited university. If you can do that, then maybe I can talk to you- other than that, I’m sorry but I will not take the word of an anonymous undergraduate who obviously gave herself away with these comments. That’s why it’s important sometimes to study or finish college, because you acquire certain skills and discipline. You are morally bankrupt,… Financially too from what I hear so I already feel so sorry for you. By the way, I studies psychology and you

  • *studied Psychology and certain mental disorders are passed on and inherited. I guess that’s the case here. Go take your Phentermine, maybe your self loathing will somehow disappear.. Or wait is that why you’re a war freak? Get your act together my dear, and stop your nonsense. You are getting crazier by the minute. I hope you have at least some spiritual direction that will lead you to the right path where you don’t attack people and fix your family life first.Also make sure you’ve actually seen an actual diploma before all your conspiracy theories. Clearly someone doesn’t know what it means to earn a degree or a diploma. It’s okay, my dear, we’ll charge your mishap on your ignorance and your self loathing. Cheers!

  • Anje F

     Wow that can be a real hassle. Good thing we’re in a tropical country! Haha

    And OMG you’re right! Thank god I haven’t seen that “trend” yet! :/ Cycling shorts are not meant to be seen! Unless you’re a runner or something, but even then I still cringe. hehe

  • I noticed, why do you glow in your photos? You literally have glowing skin!
    You look like an angel who have descended upon the Earth with all your illuminating aura. It’s very awesome. I envy your skin! Haha.

  • Hi! Haha! My secret is: Shiseido illuminating stick + Benefit Porefessional Primer + exposure and brightness/contrast balance via photoshop/lightroom/aperture! <3

  • anonymoushater

    Well, at least Joanna graduated with high honors. What about you?

  • ACmom

    Meron… Yung tipong gawa sa Recto. Mura lang yun diba! Sabi kasi nila di raw yan nakatapos ng HS kasi boba pero duda ko walang pambayad.

  • Kam Cho

    Your legs are soo nice. And I like your calves. You must go to the gym a fair bit?