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Bright and Sunny Disposition

written by Dominique Tiu 07/17/2012
Neon Domz

Neon Necklaces: H&M | Black Dress: Rue | Tribal beaded bracelet: H&M | Neon Pink Clutch: Zara | Neon Yellow Espadrille Peeptoes: H&M | Belt: H&M

This was my outfit for the second day of the Supersale Bazaar. Admittedly, I feel like a walking advertisement for H&M but  I swear, this was just a coincidence. During my last trip to Hong Kong, I hoarded a lot of neon accessories from the said store; I’ve had an affinity for the said trend as of late and since H&M carries a whole lot of pretty neon selections, it’s only logical that their pieces look good together.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t what I exactly wore to the bazaar. Before I left the house, I decided to change my Zara clutch to a bigger pink Prada tessuto clutch, if only because this one didn’t allow me to hold much things in it. The Prada enabled me to hold my favorite Chanel face powder (which is yay big), my nifty YSL touche eclat, and my bright pink lipstick from the same brand, on top of my credit cards, bills, and phones (an iphone and a curve).

Likewise, upon arriving at the venue, I put on an additional neon necklace my boyfriend got me from Gold Couture, piled on top of the existing H&M ones.

I’ve been asked by a reader recently on how I am about to keep a somewhat bright disposition and outlook towards life (as reflected by my posts, she says). I’ve also been told by a few people that I seem to be always happy and worry-free, and that somehow, things fall into place naturally for me.

So what’s the secret, they ask.

Well, there isn’t any. I’m not really as happy and worry-free as I appear, and I wasn’t always sunny in terms of disposition, and there are still days when I’m pretty much your average, irritable person. Like everyone else, my life isn’t sunshine and daisies 24/7–I’ve been through several rough patches, I’ve experienced a few angst, and I’ve had my own fair share of hang-ups. I’m pretty much your average Jane, I just happen to blog about Fashion.

Plus, I’ve always been transparent with the fact that I’m not exactly the nicest individual out there. I guess it’s all about keeping things real.

And by keeping it real, it’s knowing who you are as a person and knowing that you always have a choice in every action you take. My personal way of approaching things is by making a choice to exude an optimistic perspective. It’s not to say that I’m a pro at deluding myself but I’ve always thought that if you have that positive mindset and you work towards getting a favorable outcome, chances are, you’ll produce the desirable output. Makes sense, right?

So I always make an effort to look at the bright side of things and see merit in every single action. I also try to put myself in other people’s shoes and see the world through their point-of-view. That way, I don’t harbor any negative or ill feelings towards anyone.

Here’s a rule of thumb: Do by what’s right–simple. “Right” is relative but there are universal rights and good choices are usually easy to discern. When you do by what’s right, I guarantee you, everything will fall into place. I think that’s the natural order.

I used to be the type to think that the end justifies the means but it doesn’t, so I suggest you bury that thought to the ground.

So now, I do by what I think is right and I’m pretty much happy. Yeah, I still have stressful days but they are usually beyond my control. I fix what I can fix, and I learn to get over things I’ve no control over. I focus on being positive and I make sure to surround myself with good people who support me and friends who see the good in me.

Just a thought! Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Anyway, here’s a random polaroid photo (taken with a Fujifilm Instax I gifted my boyfriend for our “monthsary”) from the bazaar last weekend–to the man who has changed my outlook in life (and the only one I did “right” by), I love you.