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Earrings: Forever 21 | Black Cropped Cut-out Top: Cotton On | Arm Bangle: Love Diva | Grecian Wrist Bangle: Forever 21 | Snake Skin Sheer Skirt: Ever New | Black Flats: Tory Burch | Hobo Bag: Coach

I’ve always been partial to Sundays. Yes, I mean, as a working girl, I look forward to Fridays the most, but Sundays have this special sort of “air” that I can’t quite put my finger to. It’s an amalgam of everything–how the air smells particularly on a Sunday morning, how steady and serene the world seems–it’s the perfect day to laze around in some quaint cafe while you sip on some tea, or maybe drive around the metro without having to stress about crazy, reckless drivers bumping the left rear fender of your car (yes, this happened to me on a Monday).

On the other hand, I spend most of my Sundays in Rockwell–mostly to shop, sometimes to watch blockbusters, but always to spend time with my boyfriend. We call these our “Sundates”–since we both have stable day jobs, we want to maximize our weekends and spend as much time with one another.

For those who are subscribed to my Facebook, don’t let my party photos fool you. Yes, we attend events every once in a while but we’re usually very chill. We meet up for dinner, walk around the mall for a bit, then head out to watch a movie or have coffee afterwards.

We like conversing a lot–talking about books, philosophy, movies, life in general, and how we see ourselves in the future.

So on a particular “Sundate”, this was what I wore. Because it’s rainy season, I’ve been wearing maxi skirts and dresses out more often–the muted variety of course. Nothing too bold and loud to trick you into thinking it’s still summer.

But being the Queen of Cropped Tops (TM), I paired up this elegant maxi-skirt with a rather casual cut-out variety. This has been my uniform for the past four months–I pair off a cropped top with a high-waist skirt and voila, casual day-out no-brainer formula. I’ve probably around 20 or more cropped tops–in different prints and colors. I just love it!

This top, on the other hand, I have in 2 other colors–one in leopard, and the other in Cerulean.

Here are some photos my boyfriend took of our Sundate!

The shoes and clutch I bought two weeks before the sale. Please insert my sad face here. Likewise, my boyfriend and I turn one month today (we joke that it’s been five years and one month)–so here’s to a year, and then forever!

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  • Wow, one month pa lang pala! But from what I read in your tweets and Ms. Joanna’s posts and tweets, seems like five years and one month nga! Supporting both of you all the way! ^__^

  • Hm

    Your boyfriend wears too much gel. 😐 You, on the other hand, is so gorgeous.

  • I kind of like it that way. The time he entertained the idea of not wearing gell, I screamed bloody murder. 😐

  • Thank you!!! 🙂 It really does! Hahaha! I mean, we’re very practical together, yeah we can be cheesy but we’ve serious and deep conversations too. I like our dynamic, we try to be very mature about things. <3 

  • rooo eeee

    You guys are super bagay!!

  • Rrachul

    Is your bf half spanish? He doesn’t look like his sister JL. He looks more foreign, like you! You look good together, though! You’d easily be mistaken as tourists in a mall here in Manila. Stay happy!

  • Aww, thank you!!! 🙂 

  • He’s mestizo!!! I think they have similarities but maybe not staggeringly similar! Also, thank you! Haha! Fortunately, no one has mistaken us for tourists yet!

  • You guys look so cute and happy together. :>

  • Selle

    Okay, so can I go ahead and make a Facebook fan page for the two of you na? Kinikilig lang talaga ako. 🙂

    Does he write well too? I think he does since he really looks smart. Sana you pwede sya mag-post dito, parang guest blogger lang ba.

  • selle

    Oh, sorry for the typo! Nevermind the ‘you’ 🙂

  • Thank you! We are happy together!!!

  • Haha aww thank you! Yeah, he writes well and he’s realllllyyyy smart!!! but he’s shy eh, maybe some other time when he’s ready! <3 

  • Anje

    Random things:
    You have the tiniest waist in the world!!!!! What’s your waistline? Haha
    Your photos show two subtly different outfits!
    And you talk about your boyfriend like you’ve been together for years. ♥

  • mia

    hi domz! i wonder why your bf doesnt smile but you are the other way around on your photos. 🙂

  • Guest

    Do you speak Cebuano? 

  • I’m a 25! But it looks small compared to my extremely huge hips! Haha! Yeah for the date, I added up necklaces and took off my earrings plus I replaced my Coach hobo bag with my slightly larger Hermes bag. 

  • I don’t know, smile-style? 🙂 I like smiling with teeth because I can’t smile without it, literally cannot.

  • Yup!

  • celine

    Even though i can only see a bit of the Zara clutch, i wanna buy it too haha! You have not only a stylish blog, but a cleverly written one as well. Hope i could meet you someday. Cheers to you and your boyfriend! 🙂

  • It’s on sale already! It comes in neon yellow too!!! GOGOGOGO! 🙂 Likewise,thank you! <3

  • You have great style and the two of you look great together! Good looking people!

  • Thank you!!! <3