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Back to the Start: Blogger’s United 3


Firstly, I would like to apologize for this long overdue post–I know I should have blogged about the Blogger’s United Bazaar earlier last June but unfortunately, I got held up by a lot of (really good) things, as I’ve mentioned in this particular post. I just want to take the time to congratulate and thank the following girls who made the event such a success: Ana Gonzales, Aisa Ipac, and Melai Entuna.

The greatest thing about this event is that it is socially-oriented also. Apart from meeting and interacting with  various internet personalities, plus all the inexpensive and fashionable items, you also get to help contribute to the organizers’ advocacy just by visiting.

During the event proper, I set up booth with fellow Gondo Girls: Marj Sia, Valerie Chua, Crissey Si, Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham. We all took turns overseeing the booth and interacting with customers, it was definitely a team effort!

Before anything else, this particular event holds a special place in the deep recesses of my heart because it has provided me a lifetime’s supply of sweet and fond memories starring my not-yet-then-boyfriend in our last few stages of courtship (haha). Although I was well aware that he was going to drop by (he did make a promise and this man never makes promises he can’t keep), I appreciated the fact that he literally took the time off his busy schedule, and headed (semi)-directly to the event despite coming from his early morning MBA classes. Upon arriving, he brought me a sandwich, and then spent an enormous amount of time manning my booth (emphasis on the MAN)–in the droopiest sando known to mankind (consequently, my secret favorite too).

Just to share, we were tagged in Mix Thought’s: Instagram’s Power Couples–thank you for the feature, this made our day!

Next, I was also able to bond with my boyfriend’s sister over cranberry…drinks and had so much fun. Half the time, we were just spouting gibberish, talking about clothes and handbags, maybe a little bit about books, and wondering out loud why the boyfriend got some airtime with people asking their photos to be taken with him while we sat on the booth, sulking.

We recall saying, “He’s not even a blogger…”

But go ahead, appreciate.

Finally, my outfit for the event!

Earrings: Forever 21 | White Corset: Ever New | Arm Bling: Topshop | Scar-print Skirt: River Island | Arm Bangle: New Look | Woven Clutch: H&M | Snakeskin Heels: LAMB

I don’t usually post photos of myself not smiling because I feel like I look slightly vapid and eternally sleepy but well, I just found this photo so amusing so I’m including it in the roster.

I got this skirt from River Island in Singapore while I took a weekend off to attend the grand shopping extravaganza. I’m a huge fan of scarf prints and I love mullet skirts, plus, I love River island. So when I saw this skirt on the rack, though still slightly pricey (and I think it wasn’t on sale, plus the sales lady forgot to remove the GST off my receipt), I decided to get it anyway. I remember sending my boyfriend a whatsapp photo of it with him responding: “It looks nice on you, get it.”

So I did, no regrets!

Here are a few more photos from the event but before anything else, don’t forget to drop by the Supersale Bazaar the next weekend (read my blog post about this). If you want to shop my closet, don’t forget to like this photo!

Likewise, don’t forget to add me up in instagram if you haven’t, and fan my lookbook as well. See you all in the next bazaar!

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  • Hey Dominique – I’m so glad I discovered your blog through Chictopia. Your outfits are all so breathtaking – I had to take a look. Your skirt is stunning, and you remind me of Michelle Phan x


  • It was really awesome I got a picture with you during Bloggers United 3. 😀 You’re so pretty!

    Also, love love love the skirt! It’s really so nice. 😀

  • the non smiling photo of you is so pretty!! more like those definitely! when i’m sleepy i wish i look like that.

  • Hi Michelle, thank you so much! I’ve been told to resemble Michelle Phan! That’s interesting, she’s very pretty! 🙂 

  • Aww thank you!!! 🙂 There’s still the Supersale Bazaar! 

  • Thank you! I always look conked-out when I don’t smile. That or angry. Haha!

  • Gel

    Hello! I’ve been a silent follower since 2008 (From Deviantart and Lookbook to Tumblr and YouTube, etc :p) and I’ve never seen you this happy 🙂 You were never vocal about your past relationship/s and I never thought I’d see this side of you, so in love <3 I'm glad you found each other. 🙂

  • Dina

    do you curl your hair everyday? really love your haiiiir

  • Aww! Haha! Thank you (but how morbidly embarrassing–youtube, seriously). Also, yes, I’ve always been the private no-nonsense sort about relationships and I was hardly ever romantic but I guess, things change when you meet someone who changes your entire perspective on just about anything and everything. I’ve never been happier. <3 

  • Hi! No! I don’t! I’ve had it permed last May 2010!!! The curls are still intact! 

  • I remember including Enzo in our photo! 😀 Parang “Sige kuya sama ka na..” Haha! It was fun seeing you last BU3. <3 Lovely as ever! :""")