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Fashion First: Bershka, now in Manila


When I go out of the country, one of the boutiques I hunt down madly on the very first day would be Bershka–most especially during my high school and college days. Which isn’t really a surprise since I’m irrationally crazy-in-love with all the Inditex brands–it’s a preference (or a prejudice, as some people would like to call it) that I can’t seem to shake out easily. Yes, true enough, Zara will always be my number one due to its more polished style and wide range of products but Bershka will remain to be a close second (along with Massimo Dutti), mostly for its quirky and trendy approach in dressing (and yes, I crave the occasional quirky, trendy, hipster vibe because I’m pretentious like that).

If you’ve noticed in my past two posts, the one featuring Safari Chic and the New Year, I’ve been donning a few Bershka pieces. This is because I did a lot of my December shopping over at Bershka. The thing is, I didn’t really leave the country to get my fix because all I had to do was drive all the way to Greenmeadows.

That’s right, Bershka is now in Manila! Brought to you by Philippine based company Uropa, they will be opening soon in various malls (and bringing in more Inditex brands like Pull & Bear and Stradivarius). For now however, you can visit 100 Greenmeadows Avenue, a little bit past Christ the King church and right across Acropolis village.

Don’t be surprised though, the stocks are circa early 2011 (if I recall correctly)–I think they’re just testing the reception of the market but the deals are really good and the price points are beyond amazing. Plus, they’re currently on sale. Since I’m all shopped out last December, I’m magnanimously sharing with you this vital information.

Because I had my cousin Marvin accompany me (I needed a human tripod), I decided to treat him out for some dessert over at UCC, Temple Drive. He’s one of the very few individuals who can stand my shopping excursions–the thing is, when you shop with me, you just don’t sit down in some corner while I appreciate the items on sale, you’ll have to sit through me analyzing the price tags, the quality, the fabric, and listen to me sing the item praises or rage over the tiniest imperfections (a loose thread, a broken seam).

And this was my outfit for the day!


Cream Top: WarehouseTribal Necklace: H&MLace Shorts: Zara TRFCream Clutch with Gold Detail: AccessorizeConnecting Ring with Brown Gems: Forever 21 | Cream Floral Wedge: So Fab! Philippines

I love the delicate detail of these shoes–the thing is, I’m very particular with floral prints though I love them immensely. Some floral prints are overly quirky for me and sometimes, they come off looking cheap.

The thing with this pair from So Fab! is that it’s managed to retain that right balance of quirkiness without coming off too cheap. I guess it’s because the print is reminiscent of semi-Victorian/Rococo–do correct me on my references, I didn’t really pay that much attention during my Art History course but you get the gist. It’s like a dainty wallpaper–a chic kind-of quirky.

Plus, it helps a lot that it’s also very cheap–perfect for casual every day outings. I love how it tones down the silk and the lace combination without me putting that much effort. Fret not, however, as it’s made out of patent-like material to ensure that dirt won’t stick unlike most fabric-encased shoe.

Visit various So Fab! stores to keep up-to-date with their new collection–more floral pieces coming your way, that’s for sure!

This is a better attempt but I look like I’m about to fall asleep any minute! Haha! Anyway! So far, that’s about it! I was supposed to post an entry earlier mid-week but due to unfortunate circumstances and unnecessary drama, I’ve decided to forego that entry and move it to a latter date considering that things are somewhat semi-resolved already.

Good bye! More posts next week!

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  • Kyle

    sabi ko na nga ba it’s Bershka under Inditex. And my mom thought it was furniture LOL

  • Haha! Yeah! May Zara furniture rin!!! 

  • I really love your lace shorts and your floral wedges. 🙂 It’s Sinulog here in Cebu, so Viva, Pit Senyor! 🙂

  • The shoes are so cute! I totally love So Fab shoes. 😀
    I haven’t heard of Bershka (but it’s not a surprise since I’m not really much of a fashion shopper) but the clothes look cute. Definitely worth checking out. 🙂

  • Sofia Gatchalian

    You look so cute! I love the shoes

    Check out my new bloghttp://bucketofcoffee.blogspot.com/

  • Ngaw, I wish I were there! Must be fun!

  • Well, now’s your chance to check Bershka out!!! 🙂

  • Thank you! 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    I need those clothes. :>

  • Go visit! 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Huhu if I could. I’m just a 13 year-old who isn’t allowed to go shopping alone and instead finds fashion solace in blogs like your’s and the other Gondo Girls’. Haha sipsip. :>

  • Ngaw, that’s so cute! Have your mom accompany you! She might enjoy the place since it’s relatively inexpensive!!! 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    Aww! Thanks, (Ate) Dominique! Haha, I’ll try. 🙂 A totally out of the blue question, but if you could dress up as a Disney princess, why and how? :>



  • Arisa

    Bershka is my go to store when I go out of the country! haha! and I do my December shopping there too!!! ahhhhh~ I’m so psyched right now! I hope they bring Pull & Bear and Stradivarius here too!

  • I don’t think they do!

  • Me too!!! I shop at Bershka, Pull & Bear, and Stradivarius when I’m out of the country!