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Why I Don’t Wear Pants


I don’t (normally) wear pants—it’s that simple.

It’s not that I’ve anything against people who wear pants; in fact, there was a point in my life where I wore them almost everyday but that was back when I wasn’t an adolescent hence the lack of childbearing hips. With the influx of unflattering skinny jeans in the market, I decided to forgo wearing pants that altogether highlighted my flaws.

So yes, I don’t wear pants but that’s more of a personal preference. It’s a self-imposed cardinal rule that’s eighty percent borne out of irrationality, ten percent borne out of narcissism, and another ten percent, necessity.

In addition to not wearing pants, I can’t wear pants. I can’t wear them because I have contact dermatitis appearing solely on my lower limbs (something to do with the laundry detergent). Frankly, I could not care any less—whatever gets my mother off my case for not wearing pants is good with me.

It was such a rarity to see me wear pants that at some point in my career, my former boss challenged me with a “no leg baring” rule. I figured, it wouldn’t really hurt to try it out right? I mean, my “no backing down from challenges” life principle trumped my “no pants wearing” rule, so why not go for it!

After my first attempt, I realized: if I didn’t like pants before, I absolutely loathed wearing them now. For one thing, they confined my thighs in what seemed like an airtight sausage casing, then it allowed my belly lard to spill all over the place, and last, it made me the unwilling victim of crotch rape.

By the time I was ready to give up, someone contacted me to attend a Levi’s event—one that was entitled: “There is no such thing as a perfect pair of jeans” and my initial thought? “Damn right!” How could I resist? It was not only prophetic but also very timely.

The thing is, a woman’s body is never, ever similar (excuse you, photoshop standards) so finding the perfect pair of pants is very, very tricky. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, I don’t wear pants because I haven’t found the perfect ones. Yes, I am some kind of a “pants romantic” when it comes to my notion of pants. I’m sure a lot of women out there are waiting for their very own perfect pairs as well.

Thankfully, Levi’s has caught on to this with their revolutionary campaign to help find women the best fitting jeans ever, having spent a huge amount of time dedicated to studying the body shapes of 60,000 women from all over the world.

Yes, very promising. When they made me try the pants, I underwent an elaborate measuring system that would allow the Levi’s crew to lump me in one out of three body categories or “curves.” Because my body shape was slightly irregular, they had me try on a pair of Bold curve size 26, best for curvy women, which I fit in but gave me a slight muffin top, and then finally, a Demi Curve size 27, best for women with balanced proportions (which I doubt I had), that I decided to settle with.

The verdict? It isn’t really what I’d call perfect but it’s pretty much damn near perfect. It fit me well on the waist but it settled mid-waist and usually, I go for low-rise jeans. There was no gaping and no muffin top (unless I’d sit down on a full stomach), but on the thigh area was slightly (very slightly) loose.

In the end, I was pretty much impressed by Levi’s valiant effort to try and reach the goal of catering for a woman’s body type. If you’re like me and pants are hard to come by, I would suggest you check a pair out from their Curve ID line. Let’s just say that even if I don’t wear pants, on the rare occasions that I do, and if it had to be skinny jeans, I would go straight and search for my trusty pair of Levi’s.

That or wide-leg trousers!

Anyway, here are a two tips on which pants to wear for this season for two of the most common body-types:

(1) If you are in search for something flattering (and if by any chance, you are bottom heavy):

Then your weapon of choice should be: THE mostly flattering Wide Leg Trousers.

I know for a fact that Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, and Blake Lively aren’t exactly on the heavy side but this just goes without saying that wide leg trousers are universally flattering–they make everyone look instantly taller, slender, and very leggy.

Just to push my point further, Blake Lively, bless her wonderful womanly body, is slightly bottom heavy. The thing that wide leg pants provide is that slim straight line you can get from your hips to your feet, balancing out the swell of your hips and thighs, giving it the illusion of a linear silhouette.

It also pretty much helps that wide-leg trousers are very, very hot right now.

(2) If you are petite, and would want the illusion of a womanly figure…

Mid-waist pants are the way to go! If you are top heavy, make sure that you get enough fabric to cover your mid-section. Likewise, a cinched waist and slim-leg silhouette will give anyone illusions of child-birthing hips–perfect if you don’t have any (and deadly if you’re too endowed in that aspect).

For this season, brights are the way to go–if you want to transition into the fall, choose “deeper” colors. Instead of the teal and cyan popularized during the summer, you can opt for royal blue; instead of the amaranths and the fluorescent pinks, you can check out deep reds.

So what about you? How do you like your pants?

A LITTLE UNRELATED ANNOUNCEMENT (for those who reached the bottom):

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Winning will be so much simpler this time, a portion of the prizes will be given automatically to those who frequently comment starting this July. So go, tell your friends! 😉

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  • I wonder if Levi’s do it for.. free? Lol I always wear pants because 1.) In the province, you’ll always go to a simpler look because you don’t want people looking at you in dresses because you know, its a province. People will think you’re so showy and all that. And 2.) I don’t have THAT much skirts and dresses in my closet. But I really want to go and wear skirts and dresses. ;___; Buuut, thanks for this post! But come to think of it, pants really go with anything and any day, right? 😉

  • What do you mean? 🙂 The measurements? Yeah they do! 

  • J Allyssa

    I have wide hips making wearing pants very unflattering for me. But since I can’t wear shorts or skirts most of the time and my school is rather “conservative” I resorted to wearing dark-colored leggings and long tops.

  • Anonymous

    This post of yours is very helpful especially to people like me who are also not that in to denim pants or any kind of pants ’cause I personally don’t know what pair of jeans looks good on me thus I rarely wear any leg hugging fabrics. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Kat

    it’s so hard to look for pants that fit you well. I’m not gifted in the bottom part and my thighs are kind of “healthy”.

  • Oh! I do that when I travel to a cooler country! Not a very good way to insulate your legs but much better looking than jeans!

  • Thank you! Don’t ever stop searching! I’m still searching for my own pair as well but I’m not going to give up. I’ve long longed for a pair that’ll fit me perfectly!

  • Welcome to the club!

  • Yup, the measurements. Ha ha. I’m thinking that you have to buy a pair of jeans to go through the measurement method? :>

  • Materialgirlclothing

    that was a really good post! cheers to us girls who are not into those jeans! =) but hey, i love wide leg pants.. thy would be an exception..=)

  • Love this post! I have the same dilemmas and reasons as to why I don’t wear pants anymore. </3 and I am on the look out of wide leg trousers. love love LOVE your blog <3

  • Strawberrylove27

    Bahaha I absolutely hate jeans, sometimes I can find a good pair of leggings, but it’s simply too much confinement. If I could (without being asked” what’s the occasion?”) I would wear dresses everyday :] 

  • Right now, I wear dresses all the time to hide those post-summer vacation flabs. I’ve been itching to try Levi’s Curve ID line. Dresses and skirts have always been my preference since I find that jeans are such a pain to wear.. By the way, do you do anything special to maintain your figure? You look so wonderful! 

  • Lucky you! I used pants before as some sort of hiding place for my hideous legs.

  • i can relate on the not wearing pants thing. in addition to ur reasons. wearing pants can be uncomfortable when the weather is really hot. which is like always here in the phils. lol

  • Anonymous

    in my case, i wear pants almost everyday. as if i have a choice! 🙁 i think it would be comfortable to climb stairs (MRT) or drop off a jeepney wearing jeans than skirts & dresses. i agree with you though, super hirap humanap ng perfect jeans kaya whenever i find one that’s near to my “ideal pair”, i buy them in multiplies! minsan nga lang nagmumukhang uniform na. i haven’t tried wearing jeans from levi’s but i’ve heard/read a lot of good reviews about the brand.
    in my opinion, you look better showing off your legs! what i mean is wearing skirts & dresses since you have nice legs.

  • Maak_jr

    I Love wearing pants but Im Inlove more of wearing dresses,skirts and shorts too. I was actually laughing, at this part of your blog, ” For one thing, they confined my thighs in what seemed like an airtight sausage casing, then it allowed my belly lard to spill all over the place, and last, it made me the unwilling victim of crotch rape. ” — Hahahaha! I could actually relate with this! There are days that pants/skinny jeans doesn’t look flattering on me esp if I gained weight ( Terrible ).  And honestly it’s not that easy to find a good pair of jeans for me, unlike dresses/skirts and shorts.

    But anyway, either way you still look great. =) Walang halong bola yan ok? =)

  • I don’t really wear jeans either but I LOVE Levi’s Curve ID line. They’re absolutely flattering, they never show any butt crack, and they don’t make me feel fat. They’re pretty much the only pair of jeans I wear, when I’m in the mood to wear pants.  I’m happy you found a near perfect pair!