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Unintentional Fashion Faux Pas: Losing My Camera


Domz Tiu Minnie F21 1

To be honest, I’m pretty much a nerd. So much so that I plan my blog posts in advance–there are times when I try to improvise (and sometimes succeed) but more often than not, I stick to picking topics I’ve planned for, days ahead. I guess I’m just a creature of habit, either that or I’m very uncreative. So for this week, I thought it would be cool to dedicate a blog post on FaceHunter, the street fashion blog that is in leagues with the Sartorialist and Jak and Jil (but with a different standpoint and niche)–most especially because FaceHunter is heading over to Manila on the 29th for a book signing.

Domz Tiu Minnie F21

Domz Tiu Minnie F21 5

Domz Tiu Minnie F21 3

Domz Tiu Minnie F21 4

Photo by: Jurgen Estanislao

Red Cardigan: Forever 21 Minnie Muse | White Tube Tank: F21| Black Leather Skirt with Ruffles: F21 | Ruffled White Socks: F21 | Black Pumps: F21 | Muse Connector Ring: F21 (It is also the same ring that got stuck on my fingers and was sawed off) | Gold Owl Necklace: F21

FaceHunter in the Philippines

On the other hand, if you’re free on the 29th of December, and are a huge fan of FaceHunter, head over to Fully Booked at Fort Bonifacio High Street. STATUS Magazine is doing a book-signing event with Yvan Rodic and they want you to be a part of it! Rub shoulders with trendy celebrities, fashion stylists, awesome bloggers, and the press at the event or during the awesome after-party at KYSS Bar and Resto along Makati Ave. As much as I’d love to say: “See you all there”–I can’t but I hope you’ll go in my stead and tell me how fantastic it was. I mean, come on y’all, it’s FaceHunter!

Lastly, here are some of the items I’ve lost–and if you’d want to help me recover my camera funds, I have a donate button. But just so we’re clear, or rather, before some illiterate asshat decides to bring up the wtfuckery presence of my donate button, I want you to know, that this isn’t mandatory–but you never know right?

Because apparently, my brain is soooo powerful, its sheer brilliance will coerce your fingers to click on the donate button unwillingly, while you encode your bank details against your brain’s will, just so I can save up for my camera fund. And oh, I wasn’t really mugged, I’m just aspiring to establish a porn production company and I only said the aforementioned so you’ll feel pity.

Whatever. I hope my regular blog readers are smart enough to tell the difference between truths and lies, moreover, delineate between being given a choice and being forced to make a choice. Otherwise, idiots, please don’t sully my blog space with your preposterous insinuations or your KBs.

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  • Aww I’m sorry to learn about your stolen camera but I’m glad you’re all right. 🙂 It’s a good thing you were able to retrieve this set too! I love the skirt.

    And haha I’m a bit relieved to know that I’m not the only one who plans my posts in advance!

  • Wtf

    wtf? seriously a donate button.

  • Omg, like yeah, I’m so fucking serious, I made it mandatory for all my readers to donate. Like, the sheer will of my mind, forces them to click on the donate button because obviously, I’m not giving them a choice? Tell you what, you donate a dollar and I’ll help you out with your punctuations. 😉

  • Haha, I guess that keeps things organized? Plus, since I’m not creative, it gives me a bit of time to build on what I want to say.

  • Karleuterio

    huhu kainis sla grabe! hugss domz.. sayang. nalungkot ako. kaya lets all be careful

    good thing yer safe. sana magawan ng paraan ng PD

  • My sympathies, doms (is doms your nick?). See, yours is a story that illustrate why I almost never take my dSLR with me whenever I travel around in the Philippines, as I just can’t risk losing my cam to some jackass kleptomaniac. The downside is I rarely get to take pictures and I never develop a photography skill worth a damn.

  • Also, donated $10. Hope that helps, for the meager it’s worth.

  • Yeah, above all, safety is important. :c Yeah, I cried for a bit because that camera meant a lot to me but I got over it. I mean, I can always get another one some time right? I’ve a lot of awesome and talented photographer friends who’re willing to help me out anyway. Thanks a lot, Karl. <3

  • You know, I’ve always wondered why the Philippines isn’t exactly a photographer-friendly place? Especially if you own a DSLR, everyone thinks you’re a professional so they bar you to take photos of public facades. It’s kind of sad too, you know, because we have a lot of good places to take photos of and yet, not only are we not allowed to take photos, there’s a lack of security for us to actually take our gear out.

    So yes, if you come to the Philippines and plan on having a shoot, stick in a group. Like a large group and just go to a commercial place. It’s the best precautionary measure you can take.

  • Thank you! <3 I actually didn't think anyone would donate, I just figured, I wouldn't lose anything if I placed a button. But wow, thank you, really.

  • Yeah I imagine if Philippines is safer I would be taking pictures ALL DAY. It doesn’t even have to be a scenic, tourist-y sights; I would even take shots of our slums if safety is guaranteed. But no, I’m too chicken to take out my dSLR and instead use my cam phone, coz that’s less painful to replace.

    Even sticking to a group wouldn’t guarantee safety. I mean, two is not much of a group, but you still weren’t alone when you got mugged. I’ve met an American tourist here who had his point and shoot cam stolen inside a Mc-freaking-Donald’s. I guess he can consider that a souvenir. (I’m from Philippines, incidentally.)

    By the by, it’s logical that you would report the thievery to the police, but don’t keep your hopes up high that they’ll actually look into the matter.

    Sorry for being negative; I’m just pissed at the state our country is in.

  • It’s no biggie. Hope you get enough to replace the lost camera and hope those thieves get their bad karma by being beaten up by Scott Pilgrim.

  • i heard about what happened from jurge and i’m really sorry you guys had to go through that 🙁 i hope you’re able to replace it soon. sending you good vibes! *hugs*

  • Ugh, I feel bad for you. And like what you said, it’s very disheartening that we got lots of awesome places here but it’s not as safe. I hope you’ll get a replacement soon. I wish you well, Domz.

  • Thanks Patty! Definitely going to replace it soon!

  • It’s alright, I mean, being a resident too, myself, I can tell you it’s not run as properly as it should be and that’s sad because the country has so much potential. But I’m slightly happy that the current government is trying to make reparations and I only hope that they continue it, for the sake of the people and not just for show. I mean, the current president wasn’t my vote but I do see that he’s making an effort.

    Anyway, politics aside, I understand what you mean about hesitating with pulling out your camera. Most of the time, I don’t really take it out on a normal basis since I’m usually paranoid but since the last time we did an occular at Riverbanks, there were 3 different roving guards. And even being inside a bag didn’t stop the muggers. :c

  • Thanks Daff, I feel bad for me too but then, when I talked to a few friends, I realized that it doesn’t just really happen to me. When I went to the PD, they told me they find a dead body within the area every December. I’m just happy I wasn’t the lone dead body for this month. :

  • Eeek. What place is it exactly? Good thing nothing worse happened. You are still blessed, but ugh, you still lost a camera.

  • I’m so sad hearing this happened to you. You know what, in one of my recent posts, I also posted about something concerning “safety and security”. We were almost hijacked. Grabe, we never knew it could happen talaga noh, until it happens to us. Take care always. 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul

  • Hi Melai, thank you. I will definitely drop by your blog to check that post out. That’s intense. @_@

  • Guest

    Omg, I’m so sorry to hear that! I was truly looking forward to your experiments with photography and overall that’s a lot of money lost. Would love to donate, but I’m a minor with no money to my name, aka I’m no help.

  • Ngaw, it’s alright. XD Like I said, it’s not really mandatory. It’s the thought that counts, right? At the same time, I’m most likely getting a new one–a good camera is always an investment so you’ll still definitely see me experimenting. 😉

  • shucks! sorry to hear that. Its really Christmas season na… alot of robbers on the loose… at least u and ur friend are ok right? be safe always… 😀


  • Awww that sucks. Hope karma’s a bitch for that guy!

  • Thank you! Yeah, I guess at least we’re both okay. 🙂

  • You have no idea how many times I’ve killed that robber in my head–I think I’ve managed to kill him six ways to Sunday. :

  • Ojo

    omg that is horrible.
    This past summer some robbers came into my house in broad daylight and stole my laptop, our Wii AND my hair extensions!! And it’s kind of a rich neighbourhood, so it just goes to show that you can’t believe you’re safe anywhere.
    Really sorry you had to be assaulted like that–not a lovely way to start your holiday.
    That being sad, your leftover photos look beautiful!

  • Hi! Thank you! And wow, I can’t imagine what they’d do with your hair extensions. :

  • Ojo

    They were just some ghetto theives >:|
    The neighbours saw them knock on our door, to check if anyone was home.. like they were pretending to be our friends.
    Ah well. Good luck to you ^.^

  • Channie P

    I am so sorry about your camera. I was pretty terrified, flash and lenses + the camera itself costs a fortune (well, for me). It’s horrible. I hope the police can find the robber and hopefully return all that was taken. But I doubt if it’s still with the robber though, he must have sold it already. Thank God our okay. I know you’ll be able to replace the camera! 🙂

  • naomsss

    love the socks

  • I lost my camera last year. Around this time too. It was so heart breaking. And just like you, I did ran after the culprit too but was not avail to catch him. It was too dangerous to continue doing so in Cubao. I know you’ll be able to replace your camera soon. God will provide 🙂

  • Yeah, hoping I can soon! 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • Ngaw. :c That sucks.

  • On the bright side, you were not harmed and I guess your friend is now okay. Believe that God wills everything to happen for a reason. =) I hope you get another camera soon.

  • That is true! I really am hoping to get one soon but I guess things do happen for a reason. 🙂

  • At least you were not hurt or abused..and I guess your friend is now okay. A bible verse says “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Maybe He is trying to tell you something. I hope you get a new camera soon. Your blog is really awesome, one of the best here is Manila ♥

  • Thank you so much! Looking forward to God’s blessings. 🙂

  • in 2010, i lost both my laptop and iphone so i think i know how you feel. but anyway, they’re just things. I firmly believe what God takes away, he will return tenfold. Glad you’re safe.

    I’m a new blog reader. Love your entries! 🙂

  • That’s sad but I agree, I think 2011 will come bearing good luck for us!