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We are Minnie Muses (Minnie Mouse Fashion Redux)


Domz Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse

If you’re an avid reader of my good friend Tricia’s blog (and I’m pretty sure you are), you would know she’s a little bit on the obsessive side when it comes to Minnie Mouse. It’s no secret really, as evidenced by this and this (though I would say, her Hello Kitty addiction is on a rather different level). As for me, I’m a self-declared hipster, I will wear anything I deem kitschy and cute–let’s just say, I grew up watching Disney, so it’s no surprise really. Besides, my first ever precious possession was my a hip-high stuffed Minnie Mouse plush from Disneyland. So getting apparel from a fashion brand that deems Minnie Mouse as their muse? Just perfect.

Dominique Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse

This time, we decided to do-away with the ears and what have you. Vote for this look on chictopia!

Domz Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse

Domz Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse 1

On Domz: Grey Knit Headband with bow: F21 Minnie Muse Collection | Deep V-neck oversized Tee with Minnie Mouse Print: F21 Minnie Muse Collection | Red Tulip Drape Skirt: F21 | Black Knee-high socks: F21 | BlackΒ Semi-Platform, Semi-Stiletto Suede Pumps: F21 | Gold Necklace: F21 Minnie Muse Collection

On Tricia: Black Headband with bow: F21 Minnie Muse Collection | Grey oversized sweater with Minnie Mouse Print: F21 Minnie Muse Collection | Red Polka-Dot Skirt: F21 Heritage 1981 line | Grey Socks: F21 | Black Semi-Platform, Semi-Stilleto Suede Pumps: F21

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse 6

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse 7

It’s fun to be inspired by cartoon characters! I, for one, will admit that Beauty and the Beast’s Belle will always have the prettiest yellow dress in existence and some day, I am going to modernize that dress and wear it to some big party.

No really!

Kudos to our matching pumps and our matching lipstick! <3 We just came from our semi-joint birthday party prior to the shoot. Yes, we’re no longer Forever 21 and we’re pretty much 22.

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse 8

The thing we realized, thanks to the Minnie Muse collection, is that Minnie Mouse can actually be glamorous and chic! Thank God Tricia talked me out of searching for yellow pumps–it’s not like it’s a Halloween party, right?

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse 11

Domz Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse

Domz Tiu Tricia Gosingtian Minnie Muse

On Tricia: Black and White Cardigan: F21 | Red Dress: F21 Minnie Muse Collection | Black Suede Pumps: F21 | Necklace: F21

On Domz: Red Satin Dress: F21 Minnie Muse collection | White Socks: F21 | Black Pumps: F21 | Gold Necklace: F21 Minnie Muse Collection

Domz Tiu F21 Minnie Muse 12

Photo Credits: Tricia Gosingtian and Jurgen Estanislao

Sorry for the creases! Satin, when folded, often creases and I made the mistake of dumping it inside a plastic bag.

So if you’re a fan of the female mouse, go over to F21 and get a few pieces from their collection. I swear that it is inexpensive and so worth it. If you’re not a fan and know people who are, get a gift card (available in 1000 php credits/ 2000 php credits) and have them choose their favourite pieces.

Last, since I am neglectful and wasn’t able to announce who won my contest, here it is–congrats Nettie!

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  • You two look so adorable! I love how you were able to pull off the outfits without looking costumey.

  • Thanks Lauren! We were a bit costume-y before so we’re glad it came off as inspired “casuals” this time around. <3

  • Thank you so much!

    You too look adorable. :3

  • you guys look so cute. youthful but definitely chic. before, cartoon character prints are just for kids but I like how nowadays, we as young adults can wear them in such a fashionable way! πŸ™‚ such a gorgeous tandem!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  • Damn Domz haha Pulled it off again…
    A cute statement with subtle signs of a glamorous girl beneath it all xD
    Honestly speaking You and Tricia look like Minnie mouse anyways haha You could just wear a black suit and they’d tell you you look like Minnie LOL xD
    Love the necklace going to buy it for my friend hahaha
    Overall nice review keep it up ^^ [Sorry kung napahaba :))]

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  • You girls look absolutely adoooorable. <3

  • Eliza

    Aww, I love the Minnie Muse collection! I totally want the Japanese character leggings. xD Love your outfits only I think you shouldn’t have tucked in your shirt, it hides Minnie and defeats the purpose.

  • Personally, the shirt with the Minnie print peeking out is a little bit self-explanatory. With the minimal print shown, people are able to tell that it’s a Minnie Mouse print whereas, if I don’t tuck it in, it will cover the shape of the skirt and not give people the idea of it’s architecture. Plus, the shirt’s a typical tee and mostly shapeless, if I don’t tuck it in, it will make the entire outfit look awkward.

    I don’t think the Japanese character leggings are available here though. :c

  • <3 Let us shoot soon~

  • Haha, the necklace is cheap! πŸ™‚ Go get one or better yet, get a gift card so your friend can choose from the collection! πŸ˜‰

  • Thank you! <3 I agree, cartoon character prints are now also suitable for adults!

  • Thanks Nettie! I will email you to coordinate with the details. πŸ™‚

  • pax

    you look adorable domz!!!:)

  • Thanks Aisa! :3

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  • Alright. Will wait for it. Thanks again! :>

  • Kaye

    love your outfits! πŸ™‚ question, do you get to keep all the clothes you pull out from f21?

  • i reallly adore the red dress!! it’s a shame theres no forever 21 in london though πŸ™

  • Hi! It depends. We can keep a few if we like them. πŸ™‚

  • They sell these online! Plus, the prices are way cheaper online.

  • elainetheapprentice

    do F21 accept online orders, too? i mean, they can deliver it just within the Philippines?

  • Cheen

    I love this collection because I’ve been a Minnie fan since I was in diapers. Too bad we don’t have F21 here where I live in. But they sell online so, yay! πŸ™‚ You girls look great here. May I ask how tall you guys are? I know Tricia already does modelling but I think you should too, Domz! You look beautiful no matter what. I think we have the same body type, and I really look up to you during times when I feel insecure because you’re super confident. Don’t go on a diet! You’re amazing just the way you are. Lol, like what Bruno Mars says. πŸ™‚

  • Yes! But you pay extra. πŸ™‚

  • Haha, I was never a fickle child so I loved all sorts of cartoon.

    You can always try ordering online if you live in another country. They charge a bit more but it’s worth it! <3

    I'm 5'5, Tricia is 5'3, I think. πŸ™‚ I used to do modeling back when I was in late high school and early college, here's a rather narcissistic take on my journey in the fashion industry: http://www.konichiwear.com/about-dominique-tiu/

    But back then, I did pure ramp modeling as I was stick-thin at 90 lbs (yes, smaller than Tricia), after having lost 60 lbs. Now, I still do commercial modeling from time to time–I have a few TVCs (though I think they're all off-air now) and a few print ads. I just don't make it a habit of putting the term "model" on my resume as really, I do other things that I think I'd want to be associated with. πŸ™‚

    As for having the same body type! Hello there, pear shape! I never go on diets–I keep talking about how I want to lose weight and how I want to start going on a diet but it never happens. People say I eat like a guy and more often than not, I eat as much as a 6'5 guy (trust me, I have a foolproof measuring system).

    Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words! <3 I hope you hang around for a long time on my blog! o

  • Jennarenas

    I love the Minnie collection from forever21. πŸ˜€ I got the same Muse necklace. :”>

  • It’s super cute! <3

  • Great outfits! I’m such a minnie mouse collector. Can’t wait to have that stuff. Keep up your quality post.

  • MikaLocca

    Super Cute!! Love!<3